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Modern Maki-e Vicoh series ‘Soryu’ fountain pen. Created using the Japanese modern maki-e method, whereby the design is silk screen-printed over a black lacquered barrel, and then hand-painted and hand-polished by a master maki-e craftsman.

Both barrel and cap feature ‘Soryu’, or dragons. Dragons are seen by the Japanese as symbols of good luck and have been drawn as an ‘a-un’ pair. ‘A’ refers to the first sound when opening your mouth, while ‘un’ refers to the last sound; therefore the ‘a-un’ sounds are believed to represent the beginning and end of the universe. has expressed this concept on the Vicoh Soryu by featuring an ascending dragon on the barrel and a descending dragon on the cap.

Gold-plated stainless steel nib, available in fine and medium. Gold-plated pocket clip. Dimensions: 137mm capped; 127mm uncapped; 152mm posted; 14mm max diameter; weighs 18g.

Uses ink cartridges or fit a converter (available separately) for use with bottled ink. recommends Fountain Pen Ink, though of course any quality bottled ink can be used. Presented in a beautifully simple wooden gift box.

Additional Information

Advance Mechanism: Capped
Ink Type: Liquid Ink
Item Colour: Black
Refill Type: Bottled Ink, Fountain Pen Ink, Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge
Tip Material: Gold, Steel
Tip Type: Fountain Pen

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