Izumo Bamboo Gozame Knitted Fountain Pen Benikabairo


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This is a beautifully unusual pen, part of the Izumo series of luxury fountain pens. It has been created using traditional weaving techniques used in Japanese bamboo crafts.

Bamboo has long been a part of Japanese culture, having been used for a variety of tools and decorations for thousands of years. Skilled traditional craftsmen have used bamboo to create the barrel of this pen. Firstly an oil removing process called ‘aburanuki’ is used, which provides durability and lustre to the surface. Then ‘arawari’ – cutting – the bamboo takes place. Each strip is cut to an even width during a process called ‘habatori’, and then dyed and evenly plaited in a ‘gozame’ block pattern. The ‘sabiurushi’ coating provides a beautiful contrast of light and shade. This body colour is ‘benikabairo’, a rich dark red.

Presented in a silvery-coloured fabric pen pouch secured with a decorative tie and cloud charm. The pouch also contains a pocket to store an extra ink cartridge. The pen, a bottle of blue black ink, a cartridge and converter are all encased within a luxury paulownia wood box.

Additional Information

Advance Mechanism: Capped
Ink Type: Liquid Ink
Item Colour: Red
Item Material: Metal, Wood
Refill Type: Bottled Ink, Converter, Fountain Pen Ink, Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge
Tip Material: Gold
Tip Type: Fountain Pen

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