Fujiyama’S Hyundai Maki-E Steel Pen Crane


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Modern Maki-e PTL-120000M – #18 Cranes design. Silk-screen printed under lacquer and hand-finished by a maki-e craftsman.

Superb 18K gold medium nib. AS resin body, 17.2g in weight. 139mm long, 13mm max diameter.

Uses ink cartridges or fit a converter (available separately) for use with bottled ink. recommends Fountain Pen Ink, though of course any quality bottled ink can be used.

Gift-boxed in a heavy black card box with gold embossed Japanese designs.

Additional Information

Advance Mechanism: Capped
Ink Type: Liquid Ink
Item Colour: Black
Refill Type: Refillable, Bottled Ink, Ink Cartridge
Tip Material: Gold
Tip Type: Fountain Pen

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