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The master craftsmen of Kanazawa produce some of the world’s finest gold leaf, in an array of shimmering colours. In accordance with an ancient technique – Momo Chirashi –  take this gold leaf then tear and fold it into smaller unique shapes. These are then painstakingly applied to the barrel of the pen, resulting in a delicately textured surface that captures and reflects light with a depth that normally applied gold leaf cannot match.

The design upon the barrel of each pen is unique thanks to the process of applying the designs by hand, each Fujin – that’s the wind god – and each Raijin – that’s the thunder god – is subtly different. This coupled with the entirely unique application of the gold leaf means that no two pens are alike – each truly is one of a kind.

Underneath the opulent design, the pen is the same great #3776 Century design that we’ve all come to know and love.

The #3776 Century range features the ‘Slip and Seal’ airtight cap. The innovative new screw-on cap system uses an inner plastic seal with a strong spring. The primary benefit of this system is improved storage ability – the ink will not dry out even if left for over a year. An added benefit is improved resistance to leaks due to pressure changes.

An additional benefit of the Slip and Seal cap is that approve the use of their pigment inks in these pens. pigment inks are waterproof and lightfast but are risky to use in normal pens unless you clean the pen out after every use. guarantee that Slip and Seal pens are safe to use with Carbon and pigment inks as your everyday ink.

The 14kt gold nib of the #3776 is a beautiful piece of work – made in-house at , and all are hand-tested at the factory. This nib and feed is the same as that used in the legendary Nakaya Urushi pens.

Supplied with a converter for use with bottled ink. recommends Fountain Pen Ink, though of course any quality bottled ink can be used. Also takes ink cartridges.

Weight 18.8g, 140mm long closed, 120mm open, 155mm posted. 15.4mm max. barrel diameter.

The #3776 name comes from the height in metres of Mt.Fuji, the highest and most beautiful peak in Japan.

Supplied in a luxury paulownia wood gift box.

Model no. PNB-30000H #3.

Additional Information

Advance Mechanism: Capped
Item Colour: Gold
Refill Type: Refillable, Bottled Ink, Converter, Fountain Pen Ink, Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge
Tip Material: Gold
Tip Type: Fountain Pen

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