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notebooks offer a unique, customisable note-taking, filing and binding system, with all the advantages of spiral notebooks and ring-binders, and none of the disadvantages.

The cover material, made by Texon, is a kind of paper or card, but not as we usually know it – the cellulose fibres used to make the material are impregnated with latex. This makes it strong, waterproof, and resistant to damage. They make the material used for the labels on jeans, and this is quite similar stuff – looks and feels like a quality card, but should last a lot longer.

At first glance, an notebook looks similar to any other notebook. But when you really have a look at it, you will see that the binding rings are actually indented discs. This design is fundamental to the concept of : it means that, unlike a spiral notebook, you can remove pages without having to tear them out. And you can add pages simply by pressing them onto the discs, unlike a binder where the rings need to be pulled apart beforehand. So how can you do this? Well, rather than being punched with holes, the sheets have T-shaped cuts. These enable the paper to be ‘hooked’ around the outer rim of the disc. And if you have an Paper Puncher, you can make these cuts in any type of paper – scrap paper, newspaper, a drawing or photograph – which you can then add to your notebook. The discs are separate – i.e. they are not attached to a ‘spine’ of any sort, and don’t exist as a continuous spiral. This means that although notebooks come in three standard sizes, you can actually create your own size of notebook just by deciding how many discs you want to use: the size of the discs will determine how thick your personalised notebook may become!

Use them as a filing system: take just one notebook to all your meetings or lectures, and then peel off pages and file them in separate notebooks. Or use the discs as a way of keeping together sketches, bits of writing, lists of reminders etc. Or you can use it just as a normal notebook!

The notebook contains 144 pages of high quality 90gsm with long fibres for extra strength – ideal for withstanding being peeled off discs and pressed on again. The discs are made of aluminium: strong enough to withstand the rigours of daily use and overly-vigorous paper-peeling, yet light enough not to add unnecessary weight to the pad, and not so big that they get in the way when you write. And they also allow pages to be folded back fully to save on desk space. Supplied with 16mm binding discs – larger diameter replacement rings are available.

Additional Information

Item Colour: Grey
Item Material: Fabric
Paper Colour: Cream
Paper Size: A5
Refill Type: Refillable, Paper
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